The Rise of Feminism in Canada

The History of Feminism

History of Feminism
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Here is a little information about the feminist movement, its beginnings, history and developments

Feminism began when women decided to take a stand for their rights.  Women were regarded as being worth less than men throughout history.  Men were able to live their lives freely and make choices; however women were restricted to what choices they were able to partake in.  Their place in society was to care for the children and to be a homemaker.  Mary Astell was one of the first feminist's to fight for the rights of women which was unsuccessful due to Napoleon in the late 1700's.

There was an article written by Mary Wollstonecraft which was titled "Vindication of the Rights of Women".  The feminism movement began after this which began in the 19th century; Women were realizing how they were being treated poorly.  The beginning of feminism led to the Reform Movement which then led to Utopian Socialist Charles Fournier where the term feminism was first recognized; this was done in 1837.  The first conference for the rights of women was held in New York in 1848.  This was what opened feminism up to other Countries women everywhere were learning that they too deserved their freedom and rights just as men did.  After the war women became determined to have their rights and were willing to put up a fight in order to gain those rights.

Feminism then lasted throughout the years, although they had their rights which were equal to men they fought for rights that were for women only.  Examples of issues feminists fought were and still are: rights to education, rights to property in marriages, rights for abortion, political influence, wages equal to those of men.

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