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Week 4, Assignment 1

Below are 5 websites dealing with feminism in Canada, one internationally and another specifically from a University Campus in Canada. These sites are all written from the perspectives of Feminists.


This perspective is a critical one as it allows the reader to enter into the thoughts and mindset of feminists in Canada, their positions politically, the various issues or movements that have stemmed from the rise of feminism and their overall attitudes. In order to impact a group, we must first attempt to understand them. This is why these sites are important to our research


1. Canadian Feminists Alliance for International Action;


The website for the Canadian Feminists Alliance for International Action appears to be credible as it is an international organization; an actual author is not listed. This website provides the perspective of Feminists in Canada, and the issues that interest them. The FAFIA updates their site frequently with links/referrals to reports and press releases dealing with feminist political concerns of the organization. The site holds some biases due to the nature of the organization, yet in this respect the site is completely relevant to their target audience and concerns.

Provided is a page called “Action and Research” referring the browser to subjects of interest for the organization such as ‘Pay Equity.’ The site itself provides general information in text with links that are well organized so that browsers can then dig deeper into subjects that interests them. These same subjects of interest are used in the Links page to aid visitors in finding other websites that may be helpful. The browser does not become overwhelmed with graphics or distracting material, although there’s little to keep the attention of visitors if they are not drawn to the topics before arriving.


2. Coalition for Women’s Equality;


The Coalition for Women’s Equality are an activist group who focus on what they call; “Feminist Eyes on Ottawa.” This website doesn’t appear to have one acknowledged author. The space seems to be credible yet biased towards its own views, which is helpful for learning the feminist perspective. It seems that the website is active with political matters and updates periodically. The website boasts of encouraging women to vote and informs them on how to make appropriate choices in electing someone who represents them and enforces true equality for women. They fulfill their mandate in educating women in this area fairly well, with numerous sources and links to relevant sites.

This site gives the basics of what a woman concerned for equality would need to know when choosing a candidate to vote for and includes easy to navigate tabs so that they can find what they are looking for clearly. The site provides numerous educational materials, like previous research from other sources on issues pertaining to women and the feminist perspective. The site seems well organized and easy to follow.



3. The Women’s Resource Centre (University of Guelph)


The University of Guelph has a student ran Resource Centre for women. In understanding the attitudes of Feminists on Campuses in Canada, it’s appropriate to look at their perspectives, and motivations. This website doesn’t acknowledge a single author, and its purpose seems to be offering basic information for interested students to become involved in their cause. The site says that what they do is through the Feminist Frame work, which makes it very relevant to the reader interested in understanding the priorities of young rising feminists. Although it appears to have been a while since the site was updated (Aug 2003). This is a simple text site, with minimal graphics and has very relaxed somewhat unprofessional style.  Numerous links are provided for further reading/browsing in subjects that pertain to their overall vision. This website has a lot of weaknesses since it isn’t overly maintained, but it does reveal the mentality of the general feminist movement on Canada’s Campuses.


4. Women’s Centre of Brescia – The Circle -


Along with the rise of feminism in Canada, is the focus on feminist spirituality. The Women’s Centre of Brescia fosters a new age type of spirituality for women termed; The Circle. The site does not indicate a particular author, but mentions that it is supported and maintained by Brescia University College. In studying feminism in Canada it’s important to view the numerous movements that have been fostered with claims of enhancing women’s rights or, as The Circle does, celebrate their spirituality without boundaries of gender.

The site’s strengths may be how simple it is to navigate. It is well organized and includes captivating pictures, in an appealing format. The site also includes a number of national and international links to other websites that may be of interest. The site is regularly updated with upcoming events. It is interesting to view the move among women aiming for spirituality and enlightenment using new age techniques, all being credited to feminism.


5. Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID);


The Association for Women’s Rights in Development or AWID is an international organization, although there is no author listed. The credibility of the source is in the size (5,000 men and women) of the organization and the fact that it was fostered by a group of professionals. The website was last updated on Sept 13th 2005, and appears to be current with political issues and other subjects of interest to its mission. The concerns of the organization seem relevant and unbiased. The site doesn’t attempt to persuade the viewer to the extremes of feminism, but rather the acknowledgement of the needs of women all over the world in regards to human rights as a whole.

This site has much strength, from its extensive resources and links of interest, to its easy to navigate layout, appropriate amount of color and pictures, as well as its professional standing in language and proposing many feminist perspectives without being harsh or seemingly irrational. This is a mature site that provides a lot of background information and access to many more credible links.

6.  And on that farm he had a wife: Ontario farm women and feminism, 1900-1970-

This website reveals that farm women were not only conservative; they too had feminism among them.  Halpern attempts to see that history sees people in the past for what they were; women were not all reformists. Through this article Halpern is trying to allow people to define women as they were in the early 1900's rather than what people assumed they were.  Her purpose for writing her book was to see what the farm women of that time truly were.  It didn't matter their race, or background what she sought after to find was who these women were; what their place in society was. Through her study she reveals what the women did on a daily bases.  Women had opportunities to learn; however this was geared only toward women.  Men had different places for their learning; women and men did not learn the same things.  During the war however the women were left to do the man's job on the farms which was a large change.  Women not only did the job but did well at it; when the men returned life went on, however this brought upon the second wave of feminism. 

This article reveals what women were like on the farm during the 1900's. The authors name is provided which is: Monda Halpern which was revised by: Elizabeth Kirkland.  Information is given from the book to create this article.  This article is a study into what the lives of women were like on the farm and what they did think.  This article is opinionated in feeling that women were not given fair recognition in the past for their part in society.

7.  Feminism Initiative of BC-

This website goes into the true definition of what being a feminist can mean.  Feminism can be taken many ways; some would say a feminist agrees that both men and women are equal while others argue that women overpower men, while others would just simply say that women have value.  In the end feminism is an opinion of were one feels women fit into the world and in history; it is their place as well as their purpose.  Women in history often times are not given enough recognition, a feminists true goal is to find their recognition and to see that they are not over looked.  With feminism also comes the reality that they cannot forget that they are in fact women and man is man; obviously there will be some changes.  Feminism is an attempt to find fair ground, where both men and women are seen in society for what they are.

This site was very informative in offering a clear explanation of what feminism is.  It goes into details offering all views on feminism.  This site appears to unbiased and fair in their reasoning.  They do not provide the author however they do offer contact information.  This site is very informative and appears to be up to date.

8.  Feminism in Canada-

This site is very informative in that it offers many resources which provide information on feminism.  This site is more of a resource center than a site with information in it.  I chose this site because it offers so much information which will help to better understand feminism and all the issues that come with it.  This site reveals information on the information, aesthetics, history, literature, multiculturalism, politics and religion.  This site cores all the areas of feminism and doesn't appear to have a set bias.  The site provides the information and people can form their own opinion.  It appears that this cite is reliable in that they reveal their bibliographies which offer more understanding on what feminism in Canada is all about.  This site provides the names of women who have had a place in our history and a place in working to reveal what women mean in society.

There are many authors that are a part of this site; they do provide the name of feminists that have other websites however the feminist used for this particular site is: Barbara Godard.  This site is very useful in providing information that comes from other websites, although this website doesn't publish their own information they provide many reliable resources.

9.      Theorizing feminism and Post-modernity-

This site was very useful in conveying information on feminism but also what life is like today. The author is Linda Hutheon who is a well respected theorist.  She goes into the needs of women and their rights.  She is known as a feminist and appears to be involved in studies with regards to culture.  This site reveals her interest in post modern society which brings for feminism. 

This site is useful because it reveals what feminism is in the post modern era and how it is effecting everyone in different situations; especially politically.

10.  Feminism Matters-

This site I found to very full of useful information and ideas.  This authors name is Judy Rebick who was once an activist has written a book on feminism and the fight that took place in the 60's and 70's.  This article caught my attention due to the fact the she provides the history of feminism when it was at its most crucial and effective point.  Women fought to have their rights; this article reveals what they went through in different aspects of Feminism.  Feminism effected all types of women, it didn't matter whether they were rich or white everyone women has a right.  She goes into the rights that women have when it comes to abortion, which she goes into details about in her book.  Although I don't agree with abortion her article is interesting in how women have fought so long for their rights and although they are being heard now she is not certain that women's rights will always be acknowledged in the future.  This site provides link that go into details about abortion and what it involves.  All feminists do not support abortion; however this one seems to be heavily involved in gaining rights for abortion.  This site is definitely biased on their view of freedom, although women are seen as equals to men in society now they our active in winning personal rights to abortion.

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