The Rise of Feminism in Canada
History of Feminism
Women in The Bible

On this page we will provide links to various resources and sites on feminism, or by feminists. And may include topics and articles that will further educate you on issues important to feminists.

Various Womens Resource Centers on Campuses in Canada

Memorial Universities WRC

Douglas Collage BC - Women's Centre

The University of Victoria Students' Society Women's Center

University of Winnipeg - Women's Center

University of Manitoba Womyns (sic) Centre

University of Toronto - Women's Centre

Equity Issues at the University of Toronto

The University of Waterloo - Women's Association

Simon Frasier University Women's Centre

Non-Biased Educational Sites on Feminism

Feminist History

Feminist Spirituality

List of Notable Feminists

Feminist Sites by Feminists


Empowerment 4 Women

Equality Now

Institute for Women's Policy Reseach

National Organization for Women (NOW)

The Third Wave Foundation

Women's Environment & Development Organization


"Take Back the Campus"

"From Jesus to Christ: the first Christians: the roles for Women"

"Anti-Feminist Add Campaign Launched On Campus" Vera Haller

Consider the above article. When attempting to reach out to the campus community of feminists the aggressive campaign (or telling them they are wrong) is definitely not the key. This article shows how aggression and bitterness come from particular methods.

"Feminist Activism for the College Grrl" by Brooke N. Benjestorf

"Bra Burning Feminists of the Sixties" (Jone Johnson Lewis)

"Myths and Misconceptions" by Bettina Arndt

"Why Feminism?" by Chantelle Dooley

"A Fear Of Feminism?"

"Count Us In! Motherhood, Feminism, and the US Census" by Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

Feminism, The Bible and Christianity

Diotima; Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World - Roles and Treatment of Women in the Bible

GE2208 Canadian Culture and Evangalism
Masters College and Seminary